1.      Meet at church at the designated time (e.g. 10AM) to pray together, take your maps, and receive final instructions.

2.      Walk in a group of two or three. Plan your route ahead of time to cover as much of the area as possible.

3.      Pray in your normal conversational voice, if you feel comfortable doing so. Or pray silently, letting your prayer partner(s) know what you are praying about. Don't call attention to yourselves: "You can be on the scene without making one."

4.      If anyone asks what you are doing, be prepared to respond: "We're praying God's blessing on the community. Is there any special way we can pray for you?"

5.      Be open to opportunities to interact with and bless people that may grow out of your intercessions. There’s a very real connection between prayer-walking and faith in action. Be aware that as you pray the Father’s peace and promises over specific homes or businesses, your faith and hope for the salvation of people will grow. You'll begin to see people as the Father sees them. You'll likely find yourself becoming more interested in the welfare of the people you are praying for, and you’ll be moved to reach out. So, watch for the ways the Holy Spirit might impress on you to display his love in practical acts of kindness.

6.      Plan to walk for about half an hour. If anyone in your group is not comfortable with walking, they can prayer-drive around the neighborhood instead.

7.      To finish, we will gather at a designated café to catch up and debrief about 1-2 hours after. Share your prayers, observations and experiences. What did you learn about the community? How was the Holy Spirit’s presence tangible in this experience?