Making disciples is a clear and simple mission, but it's not easy.

There will be spiritual opposition to this crucial Kingdom task. Therefore, the role of prayer is both crucial and essential. We cannot make disciples through processes or systems alone - we must involve prayer.

Below is a list of strategies you can apply to build a "personal" house (or culture) of prayer, or strengthen even further your prayer-life.

  1. Develop a daily habit of prayer. Set a time to meet with God in prayer. Start with a short time of prayer and then gradually increase it.
  2. Thank God daily for all the good things in your life. Spend time worshipping and expressing your love to Him. Use some praise and worship music to assist you.
  3. Make a list of prayer requests and bring them regularly before God. Spend time praying for yourself, for those you know, for opportunities to witness, for wisdom in decision-making, for help in times of difficulty and for anything that you are worried about. Don’t just think it, talk to God about it.
  4. Take time to listen to God speaking to you. Use a journal/notebook and write down things that He tells you.
  5. Get with other Christians and pray together.
  6. Be faithful to attend any church prayer meetings.
  7. Offer to be a prayer partner for your pastor or one of the key leaders in your church. Ask them for specific things that you can pray for.
  8. Read some good books on the subject of prayer to help improve your prayer life.
  9. Ask someone who is experienced in prayer to mentor you in your prayer life.