A great revival preacher named Charles Finney said that Revival is “nothing more or less than a new beginning of obedience to the Word of God.” Revival is not airy-fairy or by chance. It is not mystical or magical. Revival is a heartfelt return to love and faith in the living and written Word of God – the Bible. And that's why here at MCChurch, we say, "Revival is Re-Bible."

There’s an epidemic spreading among believers today: Christians who profess to be followers of Christ no longer read the Bible today. Or we might read the Bible occasionally, but we don’t read the Word of God every day. But, in an atmosphere of Revival, Christians read and feed on God’s Word every day.

The common excuse, of course, is, “I’m too busy.” And that might be true, but that’s just an excuse. Because these same people have time to watch TV and Netflix, or binge on social media. The other excuse is slightly more alarming. There’s a trend of thought and attitude among Christians today that the Bible is not sophisticated enough to deal with the issues of contemporary society; so Christians would rather equip themselves with the language of POP PSYCHOLOGY, rather than SCRIPTURAL THEOLOGY. Put differently, Christians would rather draw wisdom from talk shows and TED talks and magazines, rather than from the simplicity of reading the Word of God and reliance on the Holy Spirit.

I want to encourage us today: Let’s feed on the Word of God every day; let’s get into the Word of God every day. Read the Bible daily and let God’s Word nourish your mind and emotions. After all, Jesus said, "People do not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God" (Matthew 4:4).

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