Maroondah City Church in 2025 is a church of power.

  • We are a church that knows how to host the Presence of the Holy Spirit and wisely minister the power of God. We are a church that’s led by God’s Presence – a people who know how to move in the Power of the Spirit in a fresh, contemporary, and relevant way,

  • We are a church of influence. Our influence is not man-made or produced by our own devices, but it comes from the unmistakable and irrefutable reality of the Presence and Power of God.

  • We are a church that’s scattered across the city – skilfully and perceptively releasing the Kingdom of Heaven into our spheres of influence and taking territory from the kingdom of darkness.

  • Our worship gatherings are measured in the hundreds and our growth is unignorable to our immediate community – we are moving from addition to multiplication in our numeric growth.

  • We are a church that basks in the Presence of God. We love how God operates effectively and significantly through us into our city, but our greatest joy is in giving Him glory in our corporate gatherings. Our corporate worship gatherings bring the realities of the heavenly Mount Zion to earth (Hebrews 12:22ff), and it transforms all who join in.

  • We are a church that’s passionate about making disciples. We receive a steady stream of testimonies of lives set free and people stepping into divine purpose. The drive for and momentum of disciple-making is unstoppable, decentralised and entrusted to the congregation, as disciples make disciples who make disciples.

  • Our disciple-making is power-oriented and Presence-driven. The Presence of God is the distinguishing mark of our church, and the power of God bring people to faith in the truth of the Gospel (Exodus 33:15-17; 1 Cor. 2:5).

 Maroondah City Church in 2025 is a training ground and a launch pad for Kingdom leaders.

  • We are a church with clear standards of leadership, and we have strategic processes that develop and build these standards into leaders.

  • We start from a young age. Our commitment to raising leaders is seen in our children and youth ministries, as well as our school. Our young people are engaged in ministry and understand that they are strategically placed by God in their schools and universities for Kingdom impact. We can tangibly measure the significance of the fruit of ministry that our young people have in their world – testimonies of lives changed from friends to teachers to family members.

  • We are serious about equipping the saints for the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:11-13). We are expressing our earnest commitment to this mandate by running several “schools” for training, equipping, and empowering God’s people towards effective ministry.

Maroondah City Church in 2025 is a transformational force in communities here and in Asia.

  • In 2025, we are embracing and engaging with very broken people and helping them restore their lives towards freedom and purpose, stability and significance in Jesus’ Name. We have special programs, facilities, and professionally trained, Spirit-led leaders who are engaging with broken communities and lives.

  • We are a church who spends hours interceding for the broken, the oppressed, the prisoners and captives of the enemy – and this is where our effectiveness comes from. Our programs and strategies are all birthed and sustained by prayer and intercession, and we are experiencing great favour from Heaven in these ministries.

  • We are engaging with local churches in Asia – the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia – and developing long-term relationships with their leaders in partnership with them for transformation in their communities. As partners, we are sending teams on short-term trips and commissioning leaders on long-term assignments with our partner churches and leaders. We are seeing growing fruit in these partnerships and we are spurred on by the steady stream of testimonies we are hearing from them.

  • We are not swayed by political correctness, nor are we careless and thoughtless in our speech. We are a church that takes the mandate to be “salt and light” (Matthew 5:13-16) and “Kingdom leaven” (Luke 13:20-21) with great commitment and passion, and we are outworking this in our stand for compassion and justice (Micah 6:8). We are not known for what we stand against, but we are known for what we stand for – and what we stand for, we do well in the power of God and in Jesus’ Name.

In 2025, Maroondah City Church is a church-planting movement.

  • We are convinced that church-planting is the most effective form of disciple-making and taking territory for the Kingdom of God. We have already been involved with some church-planting endeavours and we have a steady stream of divine opportunities in front of us.

  • In 2025, the Holy Spirit is leading us to strategic cities and communities both locally and globally, to plant church-planting churches that will reach souls for Christ, transform communities, and invade the kingdom of darkness.

  • In these church-planting opportunities, we are partnering with proven church-planting ministries that have tested integrity and character. Our “schools” (training programs) include the equipping and empowering of church-planters and church-planting teams, both in local contexts and overseas contexts.

Maroondah City Church in 2025 is a church in Revival.

  • We are a church on fire – united in extraordinary prayer and worship, passionately seeking more of God. In 2025 and with a church numbering in the hundreds, we are setting in place the framework for a 24-7 Prayer Centre (“House of Prayer”, Mark 11:15-17). We have people praying on-site for extended hours, ministering to the Lord in worship and interceding for the establishment of His purposes in the earth.

  • This basic or “barebones” Prayer Centre is fuelled by an army of teens and young adults who are “tithing” their youthful years to God. Many of them are students in the schools and training programs that we run. And they are guided by the righteous wisdom of spiritual fathers and mothers in the church.

  • In the Prayer Centre, we have a growing group of trained and skilled worship leaders and prayer leaders. They understand the principles of leading groups of people in extended worship and intercession. This growing group of skilled leaders form the backbone and set the culture of our fledgling Prayer Centre.

  • We are a church that walks in Christ’s promise of “greater things” (John 14:12). We are operating freely and powerfully in healing, miracles, signs and wonders (Matthew 10:7-8). Everybody gets to play – there are no benchwarmers sitting in the sidelines, or spectators sitting in the stands. Everybody is caught up in this momentum and movement of Revival, and we rejoice that our personal and corporate lives mirror/reflect the biblical accounts.

  • We are a church that’s experientially victorious against the enemy. We see diseases and sicknesses submit to the Name of Jesus, to Kingdom commands spoken by our lips in His Name. We are becoming known for this miraculous dynamic in our church, and we are careful to give God all the glory: “Not to us, Oh Lord, not to us, but to Your Name be the glory” (Psalm 115:1).