Our Purpose

Jesus is the Author and Leader of the greatest movement on earth today - the local church. As a Bible-based, Christ-centred, and Spirit-empowered church, our passion is the fulfillment of the Great Commission as laid out by Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:15-17; Luke 24:46-49; John 20:21-22; and Acts 1:8).

Our aim is to obey the Great Commission in four important areas: by building a diverse and wide-reaching disciple-making Christian church; by extending the transformative power of God's goodness around us through strategic social engagement; by expanding the influence of God's Kingdom in all spheres of life by training leaders of all ages and backgrounds; and by multiplying the impact of Jesus Christ in communities and cities through church-planting – all in a culture of Revival.

Here's a closer look at these four areas:

Disciple-Making: it's all about winning souls.

Salvation in Christ is God's greatest gift to us. But salvation impacts more than just eternity - it affects every area of our lives, here and now. Discipleship at Maroondah City Church begins with those who are far from God, then through a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, we take people on a journey of life-maturity and ministry-effectiveness. Our goal is to see every believer take personal ownership of this biblical commandment of making disciples in Jesus' name.

Strategic Social Engagement: it's all about transforming communities.

We are committed to strategic social engagement because Jesus calls us to serve "the least of these" (Matthew 25:31-40), He has called us to be salt and light in the world (Matthew 5:13-16), and He calls us to stand for compassion and justice (Micah 6:8). Our strategy is to partner with key local and global ministries (nonprofit organizations) for the purpose of holistic community transformation.

Training Leaders: it's all about empowering people to serve.

The outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all mankind (Acts 2) is God's way of qualifying everybody to serve Him and lead change in all spheres of life. God wants to mobilize people regardless of their gender, age, or race. Our heart is to start “schools” - centres for training, equipping, and empowerment that will mobilize God’s people into effective ministry.

Church-Planting: it's all about multiplying God's impact on the earth.

Our core conviction is that church-planting is the most effective form of disciple-making. Fruitful, Spirit-empowered churches produce disciples who make disciples, and churches that birth new churches. By God's grace, we desire to make this cause a major reason for our existence - to plant churches in key cities and communities, both locally and globally, that will reproduce church-planting churches who will reach souls for Christ, transform communities, and empower people to serve.


Revival is the tangible atmosphere of heaven here on earth that increases our faith to do "greater things" in Jesus' name (John 14:12). It is the presence of God indisputably moving in the hearts of His people - personally and corporately - to advance His purposes and His Kingdom in the earth. It was in this atmosphere that the Church was born (Acts 2) and, historically, it is this atmosphere that has kept the Church alive. And our expectation is that God will continue to saturate His Church in Revival, as Christ prepares for His triumphant return.

This is the hope and expectation of our church - that God will release us to fulfill our purpose, not on our own strength, but in the atmosphere and power of Revival.