our lead pastor

Ps. Paul Magno is married to Jessica and they have six children together. Of Philippine descent, he migrated to Australia in 1999 after a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ in March of the same year, at the age of 20. Paul knew from early on that ministry was the future God was leading him into, and therefore pursued theological studies as well as served in different capacities in local churches and parachurch organizations over the years.

Our Leadership team

Every local church needs to have confidence in its leadership. At Maroondah City Church, our members invest their hearts, time, families, and finances in the building of the church - both qualitatively and quantitatively. This commitment is honoured by ensuring that we have leaders who conduct themselves with integrity and character.

We are led and protected by a governing Board.

Our Board consists of men and women who are recognized as fulfilling the biblical profile of an Elder in spiritual and administrative gifting, and, most importantly, in character.

We are strengthened by the Australian Christian Churches.

We are affiliated with a movement of vibrant and contemporary Pentecostal churches called Australian Christian Churches (ACC, formerly known as the Assemblies of God in Australia). As a self-governing local church, we choose to work together in voluntary cooperation with the ACC for mutual support and the Gospel's spread in Australia and beyond. To find out more about the ACC, click here.